Enduring Powers of Attorney and Property Managers

Enduring powers of attorney provide for another person to manage your affairs if you are no longer able to manage things for yourself, and also to make decisions for you about your personal care and welfare.

While we like to think that nothing bad will ever happen to us, enduring powers of attorney are necessary in many circumstances. They are important not only for elderly people, but also for those who have suffered a head injury or a stroke; or even if you are overseas and need important documents signed while you are away.

We can help you to ensure that your property and personal welfare is taken care of by somebody whom you trust, if you are no longer able to take care of these matters for yourself.

If you have not appointed powers of attorney, this can leave your loved ones in the position of having to apply to the Family Court for orders, which can be a lengthy, stressful and costly process. While we recommend that everybody should have powers of attorney in place, we also regularly assist people to make applications to the Court for orders.