Mediation has become a more common way of resolving issues for parties, rather than resorting to litigation / going to Court. Mediation has the advantage of the parties working to reach a final agreement on their own terms, rather than having a decision imposed on them by a complete stranger – namely a Judge.


Although the mediation process can be a difficult and emotional process, the parties usually find that it is a useful way of moving forward and bringing closure to their dispute. Generally, a mediation can be completed within a far shorter time frame than going through the Court process.


Since 1 April 2014, there has been a new process for care of children matters, called “Family Dispute Resolution”. Counselling and mediation are promoted at the first instance, rather than filing proceedings in Court.


Bridget Westenra, Director of Wills Westenra Ltd, is a mediator qualified through the New Zealand Law Society, and is contracted to do mediation work through Family Works Northern


Please feel free to contact us should you require any advice or assistance regarding mediation.